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Organic Consultants Co-ordinates a team of consultants with expertise in Organic agriculture and related fields such as soil improvement and conservation, the use of low-cost inputs for Organic and Tropical farming, advice on Organic Certification and related Quality Assurance standards, and processing and value-adding of agricultural produce.
Organic Consultants Durum Wheat Zimbabwe
Organic Durum Wheat Zimbabwe - Irrigated, Low Cost Inputs.

Our consultants have worked in many countries and a wide range of climates, principally Africa, but including South America and Europe. We have considerable experience in assisting Governments and NGO’s in development work.

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Principal Consultants

Michael Jack. MA (Oxon). Managing Partner. Founder and Managing Director of organic farming, food processing and export marketing companies. Consultancy experience in these areas in Africa and South America. See CV

Dr Henry Elwell. MSc & D.Phil. Wide experience of soil conservation and erosion control in Africa and Western Europe.

Dr Elwell has had 30 years experience researching the impact of agricultural activities on floods and soil erosion and developing sustainable agricultural systems to prevent such events from occurring. He has acted as a private consultant to governments, the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, the World Bank, and to a very large number of international donors to third world countries.

More details of soil erosion

Susan Wren. Consultant on Organic Agriculture. Set up a number of agencies promoting organic agriculture and exports in developing countries.

Susan Wren has 18 years of experience in the organic sector, as a program manager, consultant-advisor, and as a farmer. Since 1995 she has been engaged in a number of organic and sustainable wild harvest projects in developing countries, and has set up and developed two national organic producers association with service provision (Malawi and Zambia) and is currently supporting the development of a third, in Kenya.

Her work as a consultant has been carried out in Africa, Europe and South America. She has also provided input to the organic sectors in New Zealand and Australia. The work has included providing production, certification and marketing support to the development of commercial operations for sustainably wild harvested products, such as bee products, African tree seed oils for the bodycare, skincare and cosmetic industry, essential oils, hearts of palm, nutraceutical and medicinal plant materials and mushrooms. Many of these commercial projects involve large numbers of wild harvester from indigenous communities.

Richard Kettlewell. Marketing Consultant. Wide experience in trading commodities – groundnuts, palm products, grains and pulses, oils fats, energy crops, vegetables - from Africa and Latin America. See CV

Our consultants have all managed businesses or research projects in their areas of expertise and produce practical, workable and tested solutions and recommendations.